Mr Ant’s Pants

24 Jun

This one is all about my favorite hubby.  Here is to you, honey!

You had the most terrific idea to photograph my projects and post them online; but did you stop there? Net net net. You created a blog for me and spent all night beautifying it. Was it a surprise? A huge one! Was it so very welcome? You betcha! You even thought of telling everyone about it. Well, that is handy as the whole world should know I love you and have a new name for you: Mr Ant’s Pants. It’s daring, I know, but so true! Besides, it would be too tough to write ‘Amazingly Extraordinary and Incredibly Terrific Guy’ every time I want to talk about you.  Aren’t I cheesy? But I’ve just started.

For those who haven’t met him, here is an intro to my Mr Ant’s Pants in a bullet form:

* A very talented photographer (if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself here)

* An aspiring handyman – you should see the confidence with which he holds the drill

* A definite smarty-pants – he can give you an amazing overview of the Singapore policies; comment on the best way to train cats; convince you it’s worth following California primaries and hold hours-long discourse on molecular physics

* A dedicated jogger (and this one makes me so happy!)

Blushing yet? And there is more:

* A smashing dancer (really, I mean it)

* An even better singer

* Ninja’s favorite shirt wearer (that silly cat of ours loves hugging AP and sucking on his shirts)

* Poopsik’s preferred belly massager (since I started talking about our cats)

* Somebody who would love to get a third cat. Ok-ok, this one is from the wishful thinking list unfortunately…

* The most creative cook – would you say bananas don’t go into a green salad? Wrong. They do and very much so. Maybe we could have that again soon? Or does that also fall into the wishful thinking category?

Well, I could continue but you get the point.  If I’m only aspiring to awesomeness and holding the title of the Bee’s Knees, my hubby is just ‘the-third-cat-desire’ away from it.


3 Responses to “Mr Ant’s Pants”

  1. ViBi June 30, 2010 at 4:07 am #

    Thats so cute! and now I know your hubby better..and what he has done to encourage you is indeed very very thoughful ,caring and wonderful!Three cheers for him…hip hip hooray!*3 😛

    • nezabudkina June 30, 2010 at 6:27 am #

      Oh yes, he is a gem I tell you! These great comments will also encourage him to keep it up! ”) Thanks!

  2. Richa July 8, 2010 at 1:41 am #

    Hi Maria,

    LOVED your website and all the creative things you made!! Very impressive and beautiful.

    Will definitely visit it again…

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