Chef’s Apron

28 Jun

Father’s Day was a good reason to open up the sewing machine. Raise your hand if you think finding presents for guys is a big hair-pulling task. Let’s see… One, two, four, ten, more… Just what I thought!

This time I managed with this chef’s apron, a book on Indian cuisine (it even had a butter naan recipe) and a nice CD to jazz up the cooking/eating atmosphere. Dear S, I hope you liked the present. I also hope that soon we get to enjoy your culinary creations and a sight of you in the apron. A great chef deserves great attire!

Here I am trying to pull it off myself. What do you say? I think I would need a chef’s hat and a few flowers pinned to the pocket…

Here it is, packed up and ready to be shipped away. I attempted to make a bow, but realized it ‘ain’t too manly’:

The inspiration for this piece came from the terrific Liz Johnson. With a few modifications to pocket/ part attachments and length my apron joined this one on Sew4Home [link].

Happy Father’s Day! Love and hugs, me.


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