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Chef’s Apron

28 Jun

Father’s Day was a good reason to open up the sewing machine. Raise your hand if you think finding presents for guys is a big hair-pulling task. Let’s see… One, two, four, ten, more… Just what I thought!

This time I managed with this chef’s apron, a book on Indian cuisine (it even had a butter naan recipe) and a nice CD to jazz up the cooking/eating atmosphere. Dear S, I hope you liked the present. I also hope that soon we get to enjoy your culinary creations and a sight of you in the apron. A great chef deserves great attire!

Here I am trying to pull it off myself. What do you say? I think I would need a chef’s hat and a few flowers pinned to the pocket…

Here it is, packed up and ready to be shipped away. I attempted to make a bow, but realized it ‘ain’t too manly’:

The inspiration for this piece came from the terrific Liz Johnson. With a few modifications to pocket/ part attachments and length my apron joined this one on Sew4Home [link].

Happy Father’s Day! Love and hugs, me.


Loose ends

24 Jul

Unfinished projects, untied ends, half-stitches and parts of sweaters.  That is my crafty life in a few words.  What to do with it? Change, you say, follow through. The problem is, though, I am more of a try one thing – get bored – pick another thing type of a girl.

But how do I concentrate on one project, when there are so many more waiting? Painting, woodwork, knitting, beading, sculpting, oh the list is so long it is overwhelming. Where do I start? Actually, I’ve started many times. My latest passion is sculpture. I do browse all sorts of DIY websites and should probably mention a few here. That’s where my ideas are flipping their wings. I catch them alright.  This week my journal is full of ‘buy flour and salt for the ducks’ or ‘make ducks’ or ‘paint the ducks’. My very own reproduction of the ‘duck wall-art’.  They are drying on the top of the bookshelf far enough from the cats and close enough for me to remember to put them ‘to flight’! Wait for a picture, next week for sure!

The weekend is almost here and my dear hubby and I are traveling to Malaysia for diving! Another ‘first’ for me and I’m excited.  There will be photos. And they will definitely trigger my mom’s renewed effort of reminding me to eat more. I almost don’t mind. She remembers to scold me every time, but at least she remembers. That’s love too, don’t you think?  And who would refuse a second helping of that?